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Areas of Work
Some references
 WTP Rižana
 WTP Ilirska Bistrica
 WTP Sela na Krasu
Areas of Work

Making of expert opinions, audits, outline designs and project and technical documentations on all levels of processing is presenting base of our work. Main fields of our part are:
  • Water supplies and cleaning of drinking water
    • Water supply systems
      • analyses and designs of water supply systems with hydraulic calculations and water hammers
      • Pipelines, pumping stations, tanks, pressure reduce shafts, intakes
    • Drinking water treatment plants
    • Image
      Drinking water treatment plant Ilirska Bistrica
      • Classical technological processes
      • Membrane technologies

  • Sewerage and cleaning of sewage
    • Channel systems
      • mixed channel systems
      • separated channel systems (sanitary, rainfall)
    • Cleaning of sewage
      • cleaning of sanitary sewage
      • cleaning of rainfall sewage

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